Saturday, September 19, 2009

Copy PS2 Games - 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Investment

The advent of the PS2 has completely changed the gaming scene. The sheer quality of the games that one gets to play on this console is unmatched. No wonder, entire families are hooked on to this sleek gaming device. There are thousands of PS2 owners who are worried that they may lose the original disks of their favorite games and therefore want to make copies of them. If you are someone who wants to copy PS2 game disks, but are wondering how to do it, there is some good news waiting for you.

PS2 game disks are designed in such a way so as to prevent anyone from copying them. Fortunately though there are some ways available, using which you can make copy games, so that you ensure that you have got back up for your pretty expensive investment. Let us take a look at the sure fire steps to copy PS2 game disks here.

1. The first step involved in the process to copy PS2 game disks is to have all the necessary devices ready with you. You will for instance need a DVD/CD burner for carrying out the process successfully. The malaysia trip reader's description should be carefully looked at. It should read DVD-R or DVD- RAM or DVD +R. Only a DVD reader with this description will be able to copy PS2 game disks.

2. The second most important thing that you will need is DVD decrypting software. This software is what will help in decoding the data stored in the PS2 game DVD. This data is what is to be copied onto the blank disk.

3. The entire process would take around an hour. Just in case the DVD does not burn correctly, you can always try the entire process once again.

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