Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nokia N81 8GB Joins the N-Series Nokia N81 With Added Memory

The N-Series range from Nokia is the manufacturers showcase for the latest technology and design to emerge from their research and development warehouse, however one cannot help feeling that that some of their efforts seem to be more about making extra revenue than listening to the customers needs.

The question here is simple, why release a new model that will be followed by a better version only days afterwards?

The first example of this new tactic from Nokia was the release of their pinnacle handset, the Nokia N95. The handset was available on the UK market for a good few months before the manufacturer then released a second version with a bigger memory, larger screen and longer battery life, why did they not just wait until they had perfected the model?

Well, industry insiders will tell you that the race to release 5 megapixel camera phones was extremely hot at the time of the Nokia N95's debut and that the manufacturer was racing to compete with the competition to get their first 5 megapixel camera phone to market. As it happened, they were beaten by Samsung with their G600 model and closely followed by both LG and Sony Ericsson with their KU990 Viewty and K850i handsets.

It has been said that in order for the manufacturer to retain its credibility within the mobile phones arena it had to rush the release of hte Nokia N95 model and so then went to work on improving it.

We are now seeing a similar scenario with their latest addition to the N-Series range but for slightly different reasons, this time it is the turn of the Nokia N81. Rumours suggest that the manufacturer has again had to rush the release of the handset in order to launch before the impending and much hyped debut of the Apple iPhone.

Both handsets are very much multimedia orientated, offering the highest quality music players but the N81 is far more than just a music player, it offers the latest version of the original N-Gage gaming platform first seen in the handset of that name giving it a distinct edge over the iPhone.

On the flip side, the iPhone has had so much media attention and has already been rolled out in the U.S. that it is by far the most wanted of the two devices.

To counteract this Nokia have made a very confusing move, they have released both the N81 standard handset alongside the new N81 8GB upgraded version with the extended memory, the only reason a potential customer may choose the standard version would simply be that they cannot afford the higher price of the 8GB version and considering the price gap is small in comparison it seems that the majority of consumers will indeed opt for the newer version - a strange move because the manufacturer is unlikely to sell many standard units at all.

There are no other differences between the two models, the standard N81 comes with a 2GB memory card in the package which will hold up to 1000 songs whereas the N81 8GB comes with a built-in 8GB of memory.

This all makes the task of choosing a new mobile phone to suit a customers needs even harder and more frustrating for the shopper. In order to match a new handset with the features and specifications required and a tariff and network combination to get the closest to the customers usage is fast becoming a minefield that will take hours of research. The Nokia N81 and N81 8GB are now available, so the manufacturer has beaten the competition to market, the new Apple iPhone is due for release on November 9th with many online retailers and networks already taking pre-orders.

The Nokia N81 8GB and Apple iPhone are just two of the latest mobile phones to be released this year. Should you require any further information please feel free to visit our mobile phones shop.

Will VoIP providers be the ones to benefit from the proposed 50p month levy on metallic phone lines?

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google working to make electric vehicles charge more efficiently

The idea to make plug-in electric vehicles charge more efficiently and reduce strain on the grid is hardly a new one, but it looks like none other than Google thinks it can do things better, and it's now reportedly doing some "preliminary work" in the area. As you might expect with all things "Google" and "preliminary," however, there's virtually a complete lack of details at the moment, with the company's director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Dan Reicher, only going so far as to say that it has "done a little bit of work on the software side looking at how you would write a computer code to manage this sort of charging infrastructure." As Reuters notes, however, this isn't the first time Google has dabbled in the electric vehicle waters, with it previously forming a partnership with Toyota and Ford back in 2007 to test some gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles converted into plug-ins that run mostly on electricity, which Google says it has been testing "pretty intensely" over the last few years.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why doesn’t mget and mdelete play nice together?

One of my colleagues needed a shell script which should: connect to an external system via FTPchange to a remote directory get all Mcmb Tmnet files in the directory to local machineand delete all the files in the remote directoryThe ftp commands mget and mdelete can be used to retrieve and delete multiple files respectively. And

Muslim women, streamyx internet to wear, even when sandy temps soar, clothes that curiously resemble what nuns usually wore before they lightened up their outfits, are rumored to be preparing a rebellion that is scheduled for a date that is being kept under wraps until it breaks out, to the horror of Muslim men, in scant bikinis.

Order takers at online bikini retailers note an unprecedented surge in orders for the scanty attire from Muslim nations.

Interviewed in a secret location, while keeping her name hidden even from her own family, for fear of being stoned in the traditional way, a Muslim woman who already hotel seri malaysia genting highland her bikini hidden away for the great day, commented, "The men want to hide our beauty in the closet and the clerics want us to take responsibility for the design of the human body, but, the truth is, we didnt have anything to do with it. Our job is just to Tm Web Mail Click Here with the design. In fact, to love it and be proud of it as the way Allah made us.?/p>

Then, pulling out her colorful little thing from under her uncomfortably hot black burka, she added, I cant wait to put it on. If I don't get stoned first, Im going swimming, too.?/p>

Rumor of the undercover rebellion has ordinary Muslim men and imams nervously practicing putting their hands over their eyes, lest the eternal beauty of the female form excite their natural test my internet speed to women and, worse yet, incite them to allow their secluded but lovely women to update their heavy medieval garb.

As one imam confided, To tell you the truth, I hope the women lead the way. Some days my head gets awfully hot under my turban. Id sure like to let the breeze blow in my hair for once. I just know Mohammed had days in the desert like that, too.?/p>

Tom Attea, humorist and creator of, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway. Critics have called his writing "delightfully funny," "witty," with "great humor and ebullience" and "good, genuine laughs."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Common Knowledge Amongst Internet Marketers, Part 3

Certain topics are such common knowledge amongst internet marketers that they tend to forget what new marketers don't know.When you're a new internet marketer coming on board with the "make money from the web" idea, you need to know some basics.Here are another 3 subjects in this 3 part series that should be looked at for your online success.

1.Drive traffic.
Learning how to drive traffic to whatever you're selling, be it your product, an affiliate's product, or AdSense ads, is the most important thing you need to learn.If you were in college to get a 4 year degree in Successfully Making Money On The Internet, the subject of marketing would last 3 of the 4 years.It's that important.

What's the point of spending all your time creating a fantastic product Tmnetmy website if no one knows it's there and no one buys it?That's like throwing a New Year's Party at a fancy schmancy ball room with all the bells and whistles and not inviting your guests.

Take the time to look at the many ways to drive traffic to your website and product(s).Some are free and some can be expensive.Decide on those that appeal to you and give you the most bang for your buck while taking up the least of your time.

Here are just a few ways to drive traffic:

Use Pay Per Click (PPC)

Buy ad space in newsletters

Have an affiliate program and let them drive traffic for you

Comment on blogs

Comment on forums with your link in your sig

Article marketing

Participate in giveaways



Sell as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) on the Warrior Forum if internet marketing related

Press releases

2.Have a mentor.
When you're a new internet marketer, you can struggle trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.One way to flatten the learning curve is to have a mentor.This can simply be an internet marketer that you respect and you follow their actions.Watch what they do, what they say in their emails, how their websites are set up, what business model they follow, etc.

Another option for a mentor is to contact a favorite online marketer and ask them a few questions.Pick someone who is approachable and not so successful that they don't have time to talk to you.Perhaps they have a coaching program that you could invest in.Many new marketers go this route and find success coming much quicker.

It's not so hard to get things done when you're first starting out.But what if you don't know how to do something?Should you spend countless hours trying to figure it out?Or spend $25 to have someone set it up for you in 10 minutes?Keep in mind you could be using those hours in a more valuable way.

As you journey deeper into internet marketing you'll figure out that you just can't do everything yourself.It's definitely time to start telekom malaysia the work, especially the more menial tasks or the ones you particularly hate to do.

With all 3 of these subjects, driving traffic, having a mentor, and outsourcing some of your work, you still need to have a plan of action. If you need help making a plan and getting started, visit for more information and also for free tips. You can certainly become an online success with a plan and a little help.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celeb News Headlines

Celebrity news shorts:-Salma Hayek has called off her engagement to businessman Francois-Henri Pinault. The couple announced their plans to wed in March 2007, and welcomed a daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, several months later.-Eva Longoria Parker is looking forward to having a family with her husband ?just not right lowyat streamyx Pregnancy claims are false.-Contrary to

I am going to give you manual removal instructions for this type of trojan. Just follow them step by step. I take no responsibility if you harm your kuala lumpur shopping so please make a backup first. I provided instructions as well to make a backup.

Manual removal instructions:

You deleting all registry keys and files connected with this software, and also removing it from startup list and unregistering all corresponding DLLs. (Only do Tmcom following if you know what you are doing)

However you can do the Cheap Adsl Modem that you know how to do - skip the rest. I tried to make it easy by explaining each step carefully.

Deleting Files:

1. Search on your computer and delete these files:

To search, Click Start, then Click Search, then Click Search for files and folders.









Warning: you should delete only those files which checksums are listed as malicious.

2. Delete the folder named Winmsg:

Click Start, then Click Run, type in

C:/program files

Program files folder will open. Find the folder named Winmsg and delete it.

3. Delete these malicious registry entries andor values:

Easy instructions to discover how to delete an entry in my other blog post.

If you cannot find an entry skip it.

Key: Sb6.StrangeBho.1





Key: Sb6.StrangeBho
























InprocServer32 Value: ThreadingModel



ExplorerBrowser Helper Objects



Warning: Do delete ONLY the keys listed above. Do make a backup before deleting anything from the registry. We have no responsibility if anything you do bend broadband wrong.

Manual instructions for a registry backup:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. Type regedit, and then click OK.

3. Right click on My Computer and Select Export.

4. In the Save in box, select a location where you want to save the backup file (could be My Documents Folder), type a file name in the File name box, and then click Save.

Then move the file to a floppy disk or on CD if you can - that is extra protection.

1) Insert floppy disk in computer.

2) Click Start, Run. Type in A:/ Hit OK. A floppy disk window will open (blank if floppy disk has no files)

Go to the folder where you saved the backup. Click once on the backup file - drag it to the floppy disk window.

That was manual instructions for removal of FakeAlert Trojan. As always you can scan with both your anti virus and anti adware/spyware software as well -- for automatic removal (if the software find anything at all). Not all trojans can be automatically removed!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Copy PS2 Games - 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Investment

The advent of the PS2 has completely changed the gaming scene. The sheer quality of the games that one gets to play on this console is unmatched. No wonder, entire families are hooked on to this sleek gaming device. There are thousands of PS2 owners who are worried that they may lose the original disks of their favorite games and therefore want to make copies of them. If you are someone who wants to copy PS2 game disks, but are wondering how to do it, there is some good news waiting for you.

PS2 game disks are designed in such a way so as to prevent anyone from copying them. Fortunately though there are some ways available, using which you can make copy games, so that you ensure that you have got back up for your pretty expensive investment. Let us take a look at the sure fire steps to copy PS2 game disks here.

1. The first step involved in the process to copy PS2 game disks is to have all the necessary devices ready with you. You will for instance need a DVD/CD burner for carrying out the process successfully. The malaysia trip reader's description should be carefully looked at. It should read DVD-R or DVD- RAM or DVD +R. Only a DVD reader with this description will be able to copy PS2 game disks.

2. The second most important thing that you will need is DVD decrypting software. This software is what will help in decoding the data stored in the PS2 game DVD. This data is what is to be copied onto the blank disk.

3. The entire process would take around an hour. Just in case the DVD does not burn correctly, you can always try the entire process once again.

Do you want to loose those favorite PS2 Games? Don't wait till the next time you scratch or lose your favorite game. Create a backup copy of all your favorite PS2 Games today and be tension free. Learn from Step by Step Tutorial to help you get streamyx webmail Click Here